Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Previous Portfolio Work

So this is a little of what I did during my placement year at Brighton, I lived in Denmark for half a year and worked at a small print house called Fusion CPH, it was lots of fun, drinking a lot of coffee and tuborg!

And this is a small portion of my graduate work at Brighton, I loved my final year, even though it drove me insane. I managed to win the Textile Bursary Award from the Textile Society and I am featured in TEXT Magazine Volume: 35 2007-8. I also won the Textile Award for my year sponsored by Fox Williams.

For Schuster's Birthday

I stuck this in a really cute vintage frame that I found at the Antiques Market in DUMBO. I love that place. Happy Birthday Schuster, channelin' happy thoughts! x

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The National Geo Sketchbook

Alphabetically I will draw an endangered/unusual animal. This will hopefully end up as an address book that I can sell...

I am thinking this tree is looking a little lonely. I had an idea to work on a print repeat with trees, but after this one, I couldn't handle drawing any more bushes...anyway, it felt flat so I left him alone.

Sunday, January 18th.

I've decided to start a blog to encourage me to work more, this way I can upload my drawings, thoughts, photographs to inspire me in the year ahead. To be completely honest, sitting in my office and answering emails is becoming a dirty habit. As she says in
Strictly Ballroom,
" A life lived in fear is a life half lived".

Welcome 2009.

Also, this weather reminds me of when I lived in Copenhagen and seeing the children tobogganing outside the MOMA. It is cold outside.