Monday, November 16, 2009

My Sister's Wedding Invitations

For my sister's wedding, I decided to make her invites as a wedding gift, here's how they turned out. I think they look pretty good for my first Gocco attempt!

Step 1. Draw and Layout.

Step 2. Print, print print con Gocco!

3. Cover your whole living space!!!

4. Voila!

5. A close up...


  1. Hello Stephanie, I love you print work! I hope your sister's wedding turns out as nice as the invites, they look amazing. Is gocco a screen printing technique? I've heard of it before but never really seen anything done with it.

    - Ruth

  2. Hi Ruth!
    You are one of my first comments who I do not know! Thank you for taking your time to look! Yes a gocco printer is a small japanese printer, you can find them on etsy/ebay they have actually stop making them but they are still available to buy. It's an awesome little machine and takes hardly any space up! The wedding was stunning, thanks again! :)